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A twelfth full and skinned over.

June 18, 2017

Oblong obelisk and I am unable to attend, though your flavour is lemon and my eyes are beyond the hedge. Open this utterance with your spacious can opener, I love you and this is the result of damaging trollop chews as long as we are alive, though I would better go horse riding than remain in this room without you. Never forget that I am indispensable and this road is much better than the one in the story. Heat and rain, I stand here or sit there on the roof away from destiny. Remember the sound of seconds, sleep please wake attention. Suppression and beyond another form of deliberate hannibal resource cream. This must stop but by now there are many amps cramming subtitles and kiss the carpet those feet, running faster than the pram, stop again! Believe me, please don’t go. Run with me and then, take a step into this cold water where the bites of my undeveloped sister take more action than the same sort of attitude we had in the last remembered style. Parlance be minded and useful to the dame and doctor, I always state beyond fate that this time I never had enough and you stole it don’t laugh, I quite started falling inambulant. Force it.