Last night, I dreamt that I was living with an unpleasant stranger.

A living body, a person of a very firm consistency, concentrated like a stock cube of life, concentrated in all precious explosive potentials, of exploring the wilds of creative discovery that only persistent travel through layers of observation can grasp! Yet within the most moderate form, a mobile perception, alert and open to matching persons with routes of development. Astounding in complexity of consideration for others, these things can be missed, because they don’t shout, they are softly passing and are hidden to those who don’t seek them out.

Consistency solid form of a size that fits, of a potential that fits the hope of my belief, living at levels that open to love others, not collapse to fear them. Offering journeys of philosophical meaning, not a car glide with inane and paranoid commentary.

All of my life I have needed you, the meaning of the universe – if one person could ever address that meaning, so moderate, so gentle, such an unexpected array of notes.

I am a person of roses, of dancing and of dreams. Of restless analysis, will to moral observations, watching and following and listening to you listening to me. Another body moving through the space reflexively defined as space. What do others see?


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